September 20, 2012

SPX 2012 Memories Part 2

1. My old Deadline mate Glyn Dillon guested at our table – here he is putting some finishing touches to our display…

2. Glyn signing copies of NELSON, the Eisner-nominated British anthology/graphic novel that is a snapshot of the current UK scene (available from Blank Slate Books and recommended reading).

3. After hours – I have some compromising shots of sublimely gifted cartoonists Jesse Reklaw and Dean Haspiel (check my Twitter or Instagram feeds if you rilly wanna see ‘em) but here’s a rather nice one of Ignatz co-ordinator Eden Miller and Beat Mistress Heidi MacDonald. Eden can mix a mean cocktail…

4. Did so many sketches inside Hugo Tate books – here’s one.

5. We also sold out of LAIKAs – here’s a sketch I did for one feller.

6. Ana didn’t believe I existed, but I draw, therefore I am. [Thanks for the photo, Ana.]

7. Thank you tablemates, Ellen Lindner, Glyn Dillon and Doug Wallace – good times! By the way, dear reader, you really need to check out Glyn’s book The Nao of Brown (see link above). here’s his blog. [Thanks to Calvin Reid for photo]

8. It was a special pleasure to meet and talk a bit with Luke Pearson and Sam Arthur from NoBrow (thanks to Rob Clough for hosting the Brit Comics panel). I’m a big fan of Luke’s – if you haven’t read his Hilda books or Everything We Miss, you really owe it to yourself to investigate his work. [Thanks to Tom Spurgeon for photo]

Thank you, SPX. Until next year…

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