September 20, 2012

SPX 2012 Memories part 1

I’d like to thank Warren Bernard, Mike Thomas, Eden Miller, Kevin Panetta, Bill Kartalopoulos, Nate McNeil, Eric Reynolds and Charles Brownstein plus all the SPX volunteers for their outstanding, superhuman work in putting on this year’s show – surely the best SPX ever. I had, as they say, “a blaaaaaast.” Special thanks to Greg Bennett for “minding the store” – you know what I mean.

Thanks also to all my lovely friends and colleagues who appear in the following photos for all the memories!

1. I donated some artwork to Warren Bernard’s program of original art for the Library of Congress and so was lucky enough to be asked along on a tour to said collection along with other guests of SPX 2012.

L to R: Mark Newgarden, Jacq Cohen, Jen Vaughn, Charles Burns, Jaime Hernandez, Dean Haspiel, Eric Reynolds, Chris Ware, Alvin Buenaventura, gent wandering into picture, Bill Kartalopoulos.

2. Joe blinked. Joe Infurnari, Jen Vaughn and me on way to Library of Congress

3. No adventure is complete without Dean Haspiel’s presence.

4. The inside of this particular part of the (massive) Library of Congress

5. The mighty Dino strikes a pose inside this estimable government institution

6. Cartoonists looking at original comic art (I got stuck on the Williams and Herrimans).

7. Dean Haspiel, Joe Infurnari and Nick Abadzis – meet George Herriman. I touched this piece of art and thus drew a few molecules of Herriman’s genius into my skin. I hope. [Thanks to Jen Vaughn for photo]

8. Dean donated his entire mini-comics collection to the Library of Congress (Including, Warren Bernard tells me, some of my own work).

9. SPX begins!

10. …And it’s an opportunity to meet old friends –  here’s a pic of Brett Warnock, Missus Abadzis and Charlie Orr.  

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